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Safe Water

Where I come from water is never scarce. It rains nearly every day, we are surrounded by an ocean, it flows out of our taps, and often we begrudge it as it ruins our shoes or soaks our clothes. But water is essential to all life. It is used to water crops, to clean our […]

Tanzania Smiles

Throughout the years, ads on tv had convinced me that everyone in Africa was sad, that children cried all day and mothers never smiled. The ads were wrong. My fondest memory of Tanzania is the smiles I received and the joy that was shared. Landing in the childrens home, The Olive Branch for Children, I […]

Tanzanian Adventure!

This August, I went to Tanzania to work with the Olive Branch for Children, which is set in the town of Mbeya.  Deb is Canadian, and she came over to Tanzania over 12 years ago and just never went home. She runs the entire organisation with her husband Putiyei who is from the Maasai tribe. […]

Nepal 2016

When I first arrived in Kathmandu airport, I was flooded with a sense of freedom, independence and purpose. My friend and I became immersed immediately. Although quite hesitant when we reached Arrivals, we jumped in a nearby taxi parked outside amidst countless others; each beckoning us to employ their service. And I have to say, […]

Hell and Back 2016

On a bitter, crisp and Baltic Saturday morning, members of the Draiocht family embarked on a journey to the Sugarloaf Mountains in Co. Wicklow to take on Ireland’s toughest mental & physical endurance challenge, Hell and Back. Such a challenge is not for the faint hearted. The 15km obstacle course includes a run through mud, […]

A Night of Music and Art in Monroe’s

November ended with an event in Monroe’s Live held by volunteers, Lauren Bradley-Flanagan and Sean Barry, both of whom had already been to Nepal. Having spent a month there in August 2014, the Galway pair decided they wanted to continue their support of the excellent work being carried out by TEAM Nepal. “We had four […]

Draiocht’s Halloween Extravaganza

Draiocht brought their hectic month of October to a close with a Halloween Extravaganza in ‘Seven’ and later ‘Electric’, and judging by some of the costumes, extravaganza was a hugely appropriate word! From Bambi to a Mexican, the horribly deformed to Clarke Kent, there was a real mix of costumes on show. Seven was an […]

Comedy Hypnotist Michael McCoy

Full up from all our tasty treats at the bake sale, it was now time for something different…and no one really knew what to expect when comedy hypnotist, Michael McCoy, rocked up to the O’Flaherty Theatre in mid-October. What transpired was an auditorium – more used to students falling asleep in it – filled with […]

Bake Sale With A Natural Twisht

We kicked off our year with a bake sale, but not your ordinary bake sale. To coincide with the Global Health Fair in the Bailey Allen Hall, we put on a ‘Bake Sale with a Twisht’. The twist was that all food was vegan, paleo, and gluten free and as it turned out…very, very tasty! […]

Pictures taken by TEAM Nepal

The preparation of garden of TEAM Nepal while home was under construction last month.   Jamuna dn Ruby pilling off the sheed for plant     Everyone enjoying their gardening work and loving the garden.