Comedy Hypnotist Michael McCoy

Full up from all our tasty treats at the bake sale, it was now time for something different…and no one really knew what to expect when comedy hypnotist, Michael McCoy, rocked up to the O’Flaherty Theatre in mid-October.

What transpired was an auditorium – more used to students falling asleep in it – filled with rapturous laughter and applause for close to two hours. And with all proceeds going towards helping those in Tanzania and Nepal, it was a real win-win.

McCoy invited those who wished to be hypnotised up on stage and proceeded to give everyone in attendance the opportunity to be put in a trance. Those who were gripped by the hypnosis were then the stars of the show…and what a show it would turn out to be!

From guy-on-guy lap dances, to bizarre alien translations and so much more in between, it was a night that was enjoyed by all in attendance, even by those who weren’t under McCoy’s spell!