Earthquake Relief

Team Nepal would like to thank the Nepalese army, Nepalese police, Teachers, Students and Youths, Community members, Political parties, reporters and everyone involved in helping our community after such a disaster.

We would also like to thank everyone involved voluntarily in our support program in the different villages, everyone who believed in us and help us financially with donations, and all those who soulfully united with us in our tragic situation.

Team Nepal brought aid to the remote and rural mountain villages which could not be reached by some of the other wonderful organisations who where bringing relief to villages along the main road.


Relief and rebuilding support carried out after the devastating earthquake on April 25th 2015 

Medical Camp and Clinic started at Talamarang (over 5000 people benefited).

  • Heath camp organised at Jageshori school.
  • Treatment of people wounded in the earthquake.
  • Provided free treatment of fever, common cold, diarrhoea and other transformable diseases after the earthquake.
  • Distributed and cleaned the area with 20 sacks of lime powder and phenyl.
  • Regular free treatment and medicine distribution by local and international doctors. Dr. Melanie Hennessy, an Irish doctor, who ran health camps before the earthquake struck, remained in Nepal after the earthquake to help as many people as possible.

Thangpaldhap Relief Support (Ward no.5-9) (646 family houses benefited).

  • 6000kg of Rice.
  • 250kg of Salt.
  • 250kg of Pulse (Daal)

Talamarang Solar Project (No electricity after the earthquake).

  • Solar light installed in 69 houses in all Dalits in Talamarang village.
  • A solar panel was given to each the Nepalese Army office and Melamchi Ghyang School.
  • A solar panel was given to each ward no.3 and no.4 of Talamarangs VDC.
  • Two solar panels were installed in the Little Angel’s Children home.

Water Filter Project.

  • 19 water filters, with 5L/hr filtering capacity, were given out to the people of Talamarang village, to provide them with safe drinking water.
  • Placed in public areas, where people can collect water from the taps.

Toilet Tent Programs.

  • 840 toilet tents distributed in Tallamarang, wards no.1 to no.9.
  • 6 tents for the University Volunteers.
  • 3 tents to local Volunteers group.
  • 3 tents to Kolecholour school.
  • 6 tents to Batase Hostel and School needs.

Dabachour Village (1700 households benefited) .

  • 1700 households given 32×72 sq. inch tin sheets.
  • Each household given a minimum of 2-8 sheets of tin roof, depending upon condition of existing toilets.
  • Tin sheets distributed were focused on toilet construction and sanitation in the community, but temporary shelter was more important for some families, so there were changes to the program.
  • The sheets were used for temporary shelter and then for proper toilet facilities.

Thangpaldhap Village (1200 households benefited).

  • 2 to 8 pieces of tin roof sheets, 32×72 sq. inch each, given to the people of Thangpaldhap Village.
  • 175 toilet tents and 5944 sheets of tin roof given out to the 918 families of the VDC.
  • Sheets were used as temporary shelter and then for proper toilet facilities.

Terse Higher Secondary School (670 students benefited)

  • Classrooms repaired and reconstructed.
  • Hostel management for students.
  • Course books distributed.


We are now working to reconstruct and rebuild more schools. This is a very important part of the work as once it is completed children will be able to continue their education and build a better life for themselves in the future. At present being in school helps to keep children away from manual labour and being sold by desperate parents, who are led to believe that selling their child means their child will be taken in and cared for, whereas in reality most children are sold into slavery and worse. We aim to keep children safe and to help them continue their education.

Current projects

Kolechour Primary school (52 students will benefit) (estimated 22,50,000Rs required).

  • The entire building was destroyed and some assets of the school were also ruined.
  • We aim to reconstruct the three classrooms.
  • We aim to provide three computers for the school.

Shree Pragya Primary school (178 students will benefit) (estimated 14,50,000Rs required).

  • Out of the three original buildings, one is completely destroyed and one is partially destroyed.
  • School can still continue in the remaining building, but there is very little space.
  • All assets, including desks, chairs and materials were partially or completely destroyed.
  • Team Nepal have supplied usable toilets.
  • Team Nepal aim to rebuild the two destroyed buildings and to supply the teaching material needed.

More school projects will begin once these are completed.

For any questions about donations please do not hesitate to message us.