Our Work in Nepal

TEAM Nepal (Together Everyone Achieves More) is a Non Government, Non Profit Organization based in Talamarang – 7 of Sindhupalchock Nepal. They strive to help Nepalese people with the focus area of Child rights, Education, Environment and Health awareness. Their aim is to improve these areas of Nepal, people living in rural areas will make a significant contribution for development and a prosperous Nepal in the future.


TEAM Nepal has been working mainly in three different fields with varieties of projects on each of them.

  • Child Protection
  • School Development
  • Scholarship
  • Health Awareness



Summer 2015 (Work postponed due to large earthquake):

  • Official opening of new Children’s Home in Talamarang 6th June 2015
  • Working in conjunction with National Geographic Student Expeditions with TEAM Nepal in July 2015
  • Building new road to home
  • Teaching placements during August
  • Farming during all of the summer months to keep the house sustainable.


Summer 2015 (Work carried out after the earthquake)

May 2015

  • Team Nepal distributed solar panels to 47 houses with the help of some technicians.
    We would like to thank Ms Kira Kay (from the organisation “Hands with Hands”) for helping with this project.
  • Team Nepal also distributed water filters to several homes.

Solar panel

June 2015

  • Team Nepal established a hostel and decided to manage the full cost of resources for Students for up to 3 months, it has capacity of 300 students. They also distributed school packs for 41 students, supplying bags, books, sports material and a desktop. A thousand houses were also supplied with tin roofs, to protect them from monsoon rain. Altogether 6000-8000 people benefited.


July 2015

  • Team Nepal distributed school course books to a hundred and fifty students, at Melemchi Valley Campus. Also they began building a Bamboo hostel for Talamarang students. Providing the students with safe shelter.

Bamboo house


 August 2015

  • Volunteers helped to clear a section of pathway on the way to children home, which was destroyed by a landslide. Activities were done in collaboration with the organization “Hands with Hands”.
  • There were more than 500 landslide on the way to children home in Talamarang. We have tried our best to clean up the affected area as much we can.



September 2015

  • Water filters and school course books for grades 11 and 12 were distributed

Water filter

Nepal 2013 projects


Building walls to prevent landslides during the monsoon season

  • Monsoon rains devastate the land every year, taking down poorly built walls and houses and depositing debris on farm land. The walls built help prevent this.

Digging a site for latrine and sanitation equipment placement

  • Sanitation facilities are poorly equipped and disease is more easily spread. The site dug went towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

  Building the foundations for a kitchen

  • The foundations built provided a stable base for an indoor kitchen, which will have clean and functioning facilities. This indoor kitchen will decrease the amount of time and effort that goes into cooking food for the children and volunteers.

Deconstructing an abandoned house and saving the material for future use

  • The material saved will be used in future construction plans and the area cleared provided more space for the children to play.

Clearing the land of debris and rubble

  • Levelling the land is key for a stable foundation for construction and clearing the debris decreased the risk of injury onsite.

Drainage ditch for heavy rainfall

  • This ditch will direct rainfall away from buildings and farmland. Preventing future damage occurring or land being swept away.