Our Work in Tanzania

In 2013 we linked with the charity the Olive Branch for Children based in Tanzania. The Olive Branch for Children was founded in 2005 by Deborah McCracken and registered in Canada in 2006 and Tanzania in 2008. The main objective of the Olive Branch for Children is to help remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establish programs that target the most vulnerable.


Projects focus on:

HIV/AIDS prevention and care, early childhood education, food security and vulnerable children and women. All programs are community-based and community-led with the aim to empower the remote communities.


  • The Homebase Care Program for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Medical Clinics- Podiatry Clinics, Screening Clinics, Health Promotion Clinics
  • Montessori Outreach Project
  • Food Security Project
  • Vulnerable Children
  • Zion Home and Peace Home

Projects Summer 2015 (Projects still ongoing):

Menopause and Female Cancers Campaign :

  • Working with the Home Based Care Team to review their basic knowledge about female cancers and menopause. You and the Home Based Care Team will present to women in the various communities. The information should be simple and not overly technical.  It should focus on:
  1. What is menopause
  2. How does your body change
  3. How does it make you feel
  • In regards to female cancers:
  1. Breast cancer – reiterate how to self-exam and the importance of self-examination,
  2. Ovarian, Uterian and Cervical Cancer – symptoms
  3. Encourage women exhibiting any symptoms of cancer to visit Rufa or Ifisi hospital in Mbeya.

Podiatry Mobile Clinics

  • Running a Podiatry Clinic
  • Providing care for ulcers on the feet and legs of patients. Creating treatment plans for the patients requiring follow-up and coordinate with the First-Aid team to administer the necessary, on-going treatment for patients. Addressing and/or providing guidance/advice/exercises/referral for any problems that patients are experiencing with their feet and legs.

Puberty and Adolescence Campaign

  • Meeting with adolescent girls and boys to discuss puberty. It is important that these events are fun and activity based.

Better Business Choices and Book keeping

  • Working with the Micro-finance Women in the Songa Mbele Program.

Budgeting Your Household 

  • Working with the Women in the Micro-finance and Savings & Loan Program, as well as men in the Savings & Loan Program.

Connecting to a Marketplace

  • Working with the Maasai Women to connect their beaded products to a market, teaching them how to keep their books and assess their market place.


Road Safety Campaign

  • Training the Home Based Care Team in Road Safety and discuss with Community Advisory Committees about the problem and how they can become engaged to promote road safety.
  • With the Home Based Care Team, educate the motorcyclists about the dangers of the road and how to protect pedestrians, especially children.
  • Educating parents about the importance of teaching their children how to behave when on the road.
  • Educating students on how to behave when on roads.

De-worming and Anti-Fungal Campaign

  • De-worming is one of the best ways to improve school attendance and overall academic performance for children.
  • Working with the Home Based Care Team to distribute worm treatments to the 1500 students registered in Olive Branch Montessori Kindergartens.
  • Based on need, you and the HBC provider will also provide anti-fungal topical treatment for severe cases of tinea capitis

Advise The Olive Branch for Children on the on-going construction of the new Olive Branch site

  • The Olive Branch for Children is currently constructing a new site that is going to be eco-friendly and hopefully sustainable.
  • We would like your advice and input regarding the water purification systems we should put in place.  Any advice or designs you can provide for the site, will be greatly appreciated.
  • You will visit the site before going to the villages for your outreach program, in order to be able to take some time in the evenings in the villages to think about potential designs.



Children’s Camp at the Zion Home

  • Hosting a camp for approximately 30 children.


Read-a-Thon, Dance and Public Speaking

  • Working with the children at the Zion Home on their literacy. Literacy, is the most important step toward academic success.
  • You will be working one-on-one and in small groups, reading out loud, discussing the books they are reading and supporting them in their writing of short-answers.
  • During lunch and after school, you will work with the children on dance and movement, specializing in Irish Dance.
  • In addition, you will work with the primary school and secondary school children on public speaking, preparing a in-house debate.

Peace Home – English Teacher and Child Activities Coordinator

  • You will work with the children at the Peace Home. You will work with them on improving their English and fill their days with different activities


Let’s Talk: Mental Health Community Discussions

  • Working with the Home Based Care team and their respective communities to discuss mental health, focusing on depression and addiction.
  • You will implement a community survey that will assess whether depression and addiction are problems facing their communities and the kinds of interventions that they would be prepared to implement.