Projects1(1)Draiocht was established in 2008. The society won “best new society” in Galway in 2009 and “best civil contribution” in Galway and at the Bics awards in 2013. It was founded by a group of college students whose dream was to help orphaned Nepali children and to promote multi-culturism in Ireland. We have established an orphanage home in Talamarang, a small village high in the mountains of Nepal and we send volunteers out to help every year. Our plan is to make the home completely self sufficient within five years, we hope to do this by using renewable energy and creating an agri-business. We have also been involved in founding a community school in Talamarang which now has over 500 students. We have also been involved in various village health camps, and promoting local business in the village and hope to help establish a permanent health center in the future.