What to bring

Although you can buy virtually anything you want when you get to Kathmandu, it is highly advisable to bring the following essentials

  •  Rucksack/Bagpack (proper travelling one)
  • A smaller bag to carry smaller things around
  • 10 or more sachets of Diorolyte solution to rehydrate you and replace your electrolytes when you get diarrhoea( available over the counter from any pharmacy)
  • Head lice killing shampoo and a METAL lice comb.
  • Ample supplies of toilet paper in Kathmandu, as it is NOT AVAILABLE IN TALAMARANG
  • Passport photos (x4)
  • A flash light
  • Mosquito spray & insect bite cream
  • Hand sanitiser *NB**
  • An extra wallet/purse (always a good idea while traveliing as a decoy)
  • Photo copies of all your documents (passport, flight details, etc)
  • Old runners/clothes that you don’t mind being ruined during construction!
  • Sun cream & aftersun
  • A Micro-fibre towel is super handy as it dries very fast and is small.
  • A fleece as nights can sometimes be cold, especially if trekking.
  • Adapter (The sockets are 2 circular prongs in Nepal!)


Optional luxury items

  • An unlocked phone
  • A sheet (bed clothes are provided but this often comes in handy)
  • Shampoo, all toiletries, etc (Most of these can be bought in Thamel)
  • Sunglasses
  • Course of general Antibiotics (in case of stomach infections)
  • Camera
  • Photos etc. to show the kids Ireland
  • iPods are great for dancing around with the kids( with a docking station,but not to loud to bother the neighbours!)
  •  Books…bus journeys can be long!


Things to buy in Kathmandu

  • Nepali sim card (Neel will fill you in on where to get these)
  • Toilet paper (ample supplies as it is not available in Talamarang)
  • Many volunteers buy sweets etc to bring to the orphanage as there is not many sweets available up the mountains