• How much will it cost?

    You will have to provide money for your own flights, straight out and back costs around €500-600 but it depends if you are travelling on from there too. Also a small deposit for food and accommodation during your stay will have to be paid, it is. Also you will need to get vaccines and a visa on arrival which will cost ~ €60. Other than that it’s just general spending money so depends on yourself but the cost of living is very low there so everything’s pretty cheap.

  • What vaccines do I need?

    We can’t give medical advice but if you go to the student health unit or your local GP they will inform you of what vaccines you need. You do not need malaria tablets for your stay in Nepal unless you plan on visiting southern Nepal, but again don’t take our word for it.

  • How do we get to the orphanage in Nepal?

    The bus from Kathmandu(the capital of Nepal that you will be flying into) to Talamarang(the village you will be based in, up in the mountains). The bus takes between 3-5 hours, depending on various factors. The public buses run daily, a few times a day and generally cost 2-3 euro each way.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    Volunteers sleep in the Volunteer House; this is in the next field to the orphanage. Both are only a 5 min walk from Talamarang. There will be a bed and mosquito net provided for everyone and mattresses, but we would advise everyone to bring their own sleeping covers. The living arrangements are basic but completely adequate and functional.

  • What will we be eating?

    The basic diet in Nepal is Dhal Baht. It consists of rice and lentils. The food is basic but you also get curried veg and you can eat as much as you like, basically you’ll never be hungry. Also there is a “shack” in the village (which is a 5 min walk from the volunteer’s home) and you can go there during the day for extra food if you like, eggs, noodles, samosas, etc.

  • Will we have phone and internet?

    Sim cards will be provided for those with compatible phones but reception up in the mountains is not reliable. There is an internet cafe in both Gyalthum (20 mins) and Melamchi(1 hrs walk) but internet might also be available in Talamarang school.

  • What clothes do we need to bring?

    Girls will be advised to wear pants/skirts covering their knees, especially for teaching. Covered shoulders for teaching are also advised. However for farming etc, shorts are fine. Clothes get pretty dirty up in the mountains and washing is difficult so old clothes are advised.

  • Do we need to bring medicines?

    Bug bites are quite common, so anti-histamines and anti-histamine cream/steroid cream is quite useful. There is a pharmacy in the local village and a hospital in Melamchi so anything you need can be gotten quite easily if any problems arise.

  • Who is “Neel”?

    Neel is the founder of Team Nepal, this is the charity that we co-ordinate with in Nepal and who we built the orphanage with. He has a shop in the tourist area of Kathmandu and you will be learning a lot from him while you are out there. He is very friendly and will have no problems helping you if any problems occur during your stay, he will also be organizing the projects that will be happening during the summer.

  • What flights will we need to book?

    Generally if you are flying from Ireland you will need to fly to London, get another flight to India and then a short flight to Kathmandu. It can take quite a while, around 15-20hr depending on duration between flights. The earlier you book flights the cheaper they will be.

  • What do if we have to teach?

    Last year there was no curriculum for us to teach, we mostly taught English but sometimes taught Maths and Science too. This year we will try and have provisions for a teaching syllabus before you go out, that will be organized after Xmas, but if anyone has any ideas please let us know we’d love to hear some suggestions.

  • What is the “Volunteer package”?

    This is an information package that will be put together and given to volunteers before they leave. This will give extra info on tourist things to do in Nepal, some useful Nepali phrases, maps.