A Night of Music and Art in Monroe’s

November ended with an event in Monroe’s Live held by volunteers, Lauren Bradley-Flanagan and Sean Barry, both of whom had already been to Nepal.

Having spent a month there in August 2014, the Galway pair decided they wanted to continue their support of the excellent work being carried out by TEAM Nepal.

“We had four bands and a DJ and we also had an art auction. That’s where we got most of our money cause a lot of our friends are artists who donated pieces,’’ said Lauren.

Close to €2000 was raised on the night and given the damage the projects suffered in the earthquakes of April 2015, the money raised will be hugely appreciated.

The two spoke with fondness of their experience in Nepal. Monsoons, mountain hikes, and bonding with the local children all part of the adventure

“We were finishing building the second children’s home on the top of a mountain. It was a trek to get there never mind trying to do work once we got there, but very enjoyable,’’ recalled Sean.

“I tried to teach some of the children English. Some of the newer kids didn’t have any English so I did a couple of classes with them and that went ok,’’ he continued.

Lauren finished by saying, “It was so enjoyable, definitely worthwhile. We had an amazing time and feel very welcome to go back at any time.’’