Draiocht’s Halloween Extravaganza

Draiocht brought their hectic month of October to a close with a Halloween Extravaganza in ‘Seven’ and later ‘Electric’, and judging by some of the costumes, extravaganza was a hugely appropriate word!

From Bambi to a Mexican, the horribly deformed to Clarke Kent, there was a real mix of costumes on show. Seven was an excellent venue with sumptuous food and the vibrant live band, providing the musical back drop for some dance moves that may have been a little too scary even for Halloween!

The party continued into the early hours and it was a real treat for committee and new members to get to know each other in a social setting early in the year. The money raised from the night, as always, went to help the ‘Olive Branch for Children’ in Tanzania and ‘TEAM Nepal’ and we are truly grateful to all who supported us.