My Time in Tanzania

‘I have struggled and failed to express in an uncliched way the impact that working with The Olive Branch for Children had on me. Deborah McCracken, the lady who set up this incredible charity remains to be the most selfless person I have ever met. The community that she has reached is just incredible and I never before would have thought that one person could make suchan impact. She has created home-based care programmes, education programmes, micro finance programmes and what makes these programmes unique is that they are implemented by the people who are benefiting from them. The most vulnerable people in these communities are being empowered. They are the people working on these programmes each and every day. Deborah has impacted the lives of so many people but has ensured that this impact can last and will last far into the future. The Olive Branch for Children is indeed a family and one that has left an indelible mark on my heart.’

Síabhra Medley
Tanzania 2014Siabh